Courgette crisis!

img_1383I just read an article about the courgette crisis. There has been some bad weather in Spain which is usually the place that British suppliers get their salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes and Aubergines etc from, at this time of year.

The article was very much about how much this was going to affect people as the prices will now be so high and nobody will be able to afford a courgette to spiralize. Apparently there is great concern for the people who are on diets for the new year and need their salad leaves and tomatoes.

There wasn’t a mention of the farmers that are probs loosing a bit of money in Spain right now. Sad face.

Also no one seems to have mentioned the seasonal veg that will be plentiful in England right now like cabbages, sprouts, leeks, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and all sorts of winter veg.

If it’s not in season then it’s probably travelled a long way to get to you right?

I could talk about this for a fair while over a cup of tea.

Make yourself a hearty stew I reckon!!!!

It actually reminds me of the Victorians when they used to make the gardener grow pineapples and suchlike in dark rooms underground or under a lot of glass.

Fascinating but a lot of effort.

I would have dished them up a plate of Brussels 😃

Oh also…. tomatoes originate from Mexico and used to be called fat things or plump thing with navel or fat water with navel. Totally cute right?!

You’re welcome ❤😘


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