Jeez, the world is a bit messed up right now!

IMG_1682The world is a bit of a mess right now and there are some really ace people writing about it. I really appreciate that and they probably do it heaps better than I ever would but gawd it can get overwhelming. But it’s important! So read it and mix it up with some good stuff too. As overwhelming as it is it’s important to know what’s going on I reckon even when it makes you uncomfortable.

But good stuff…. there is heaps too.

I’ve been really busy preparing for going back to Uni. This has been really exciting but also slightly nerve wracking and overwhelming. First challenge was actually working out how the website works to enrol and sort out classes. This took around 12 hours all up I reckon! I know! Ages! But I am told that it is quite a tricky website if you haven’t done that kind of stuff before. I reckon I’ve got it sussed now and I went to Uni the other day to pick up my ID card. A bit of a challenge as I couldn’t get in the door and had to get round to the other side of the building. #firstfail. But it was all okay and I found the place I needed to be in eventually.

The woman on the desk was very helpful and signed me up for some orientation stuff for the likes of people like me who haven’t been to Uni for 20 years. Apparently it will be very helpful. Referencing and suchlike. I was just like sign me up I’m an idiot. She was like nahhhhh I reckon you’re a gem. I was like thanks. She nodded and smiled a lot and I talked a lot. It was all alright in the end. I was slightly hysterical.

So that’s exciting. I also put my nun shoes on a couple of times and did some agency shifts. I actually did special care nursery the other day. I know! Me! Birthsuite big mouth midwife. But the children were all still alive at the end of my shift so that was okay. I mean there were a few alarms but I sorted them. Phew!

So today after reading some twitter and holding my head in my hands I thought about some of the good stuff recently. There have been some nice things….

  1. Just before Christmas there is the Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland (ATSAQ) Christmas party. The Doc rocks up every year (and I try to)and she gives a prize for the raffle. This year we choose LUSH products. We got talking to the ace girls at the counter and they asked who we were buying for. So anyway we told them all about ATSAQ and they were really interested and gorgeous and offered to throw in extra stuff as a donation from LUSH. That was super nice and they gave us lovely stuff for the raffle and a bath bomb with a message on saying ‘This one’s for you x’. There are so many good people in the world who are keen to support transgender issues. Thumbs up for LUSH. Yup. ATSAQ is run by Gina and Krissie and they are totes legends. You can read more about them here. They also do a suicide prevention training that the big spunky boy has jumped in to help with ❤.
  2. Letters from friends…. I got a really beautiful letter yesterday. It’s from someone I used to work with who has been off on maternity leave. She has had a really tough year with a few challenges but had taken the time to write to me to say congratulations for Uni, how much she had enjoyed working with me and how much she had enjoyed reading my blogs at 2am. I was so touched by this letter knowing the challenges she is facing and how she had taken the time out to write to me. I think I had a small sob. I’m going to write back to her asap. I think she is a peach. Yup.
  3. I’m really impressed with the support at Uni. You know, for people like me who are initially flailing around a bit. The library support and courses are amazing! I’m jumping in on this kickstart course which will have a wide range of people attending. So it will include people who haven’t been to Uni in a while, people who do not speak English as a first language, people who want a refresher etc, and there’s free pancakes and stuff! I’m really looking forward to meeting people and forming new friendships.
  4. Pip Lincoln is writing something about cleft lips and palates. She was challenged by the language used in the texts she was researching. Language like abnormality and defect etc. So she reached out to the community to see if there was some better language around this and got some great responses. It was so great that she thought about that. I liked that a lot. More about Pip here.
  5. The big spunky boy and crew are moving into a new share house. They went charity shop shopping and got a whole front room of furniture for $300. Winning. I do love a thrift store Brisbane thrift stores.
  6. Also the Doc is taking me to Peppers for the weekend before Uni starts. I really like it there as it has a lot of nice memories. The last time we went there was cyclone weather and we went in our plunge pool anyway and drank a lot of caprioskas and watched movies and the Doc did her very first ever 10 k run after a hearty buffet breakfast. Plus it’s at Kingscliff. Swoon.
  7. Lastly… my bloggy mate Annette got a job!! This was the BEST news. She had been living under the poverty line for quite some time and managing it spectacularly. It was such great news for her and made me smile a lot.

So lots of great things have happened and there is heaps to look forward to this year. I was feeling a bit over things towards the end of last year. The decisions I have made have been the best moves. I mean it’s scary when you turn your life upside down but I highly recommend it. The weight of the world fell off my shoulders and was replaced by squealing and excitement.

I hope everyone is good and is having some good times within the dark times in this crazy world ❤

6 thoughts on “Jeez, the world is a bit messed up right now!

  1. Aah, this is lovely, Edie! Excellent to read about good stuff when there is has been crappy stuff going on in the world. I’m excited to hear about how you get on at uni. And it must be a universal truth that uni websites are difficult to navigate! My kids and their friends have so, had issues! Enjoy your weekend away!

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  2. Oh, this was SUCH a great post even before I read point 7….. you are just the bee’s knees. Almost had me 😭😭😭. Thank you for being so supportive, sweet and chuffed for me.

    I went to uni in my 30s and all that referencing and style guide biz, sheesh, but do you know what? You’ll rock it because you WANT to be there.

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  3. I do think we all get a bit caught up in the bad stuff, so it’s great to seek out the positive stuff. You have some lovely things happening. And this made me look at all the ace things happening for me too. February is my birthday month so I’m always doing fun stuff in Feb. Have an ace time away. xx

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