10 top tips for men who have sex with men

UKjA7gl5_400x400Listen up… Doc Q’s 10 top tips:

  1. Regular testing… you won’t know you’ve got syphilis or rectal chlamydia unless you have a test.
  2. A lot of STIs cause no symptoms, that’s why it’s important to have regular sexual health checks.
  3. PrEP – it works to prevent you from getting HIV, get on it, especially if you’re not using condoms.
  4. Gargling with Listerine after sex may protect you from gonorrhoea in the throat according to a recent study.
  5. HPV Vaccination will protect you against anal cancer. Save your dollars and get it.
  6. If you’re having chemsex you are at much greater risk of getting HIV. For realz.
  7. Viagra plus poppers is dangerous. Passing out during the act is never sexy!
  8. Regular douching is actually really bad for your colon. Try a high fibre diet instead.
  9. Anal warts… we can freeze those off. Go see your Doc, they’ve seen it all before.
  10. Yes! You still need to use a condom if you want to protect yourself from most STIs.


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