IMG_1632I know. Its been a while, I’ve been super busy! I thought I’d better jump in with a quick blog post before a Missing Person notice was issued. I am so glad I actually took a few weeks off before Uni started as I am now so busy. Its going so well but OMG my insecurities are eating me alive…. Am I academic enough? Am I creative enough? Did I choose the right course (A slight adjustment there to swap Media to Public Relations, genius idea I reckon). Where is that test on Blackboard? Can I really spend 3 hours searching to find one piece of information? Why can’t I think of an interesting question but as soon as walking out of class think of a super question?!

Its totes a learning curve for sure and apparently everybody else feels the same way. I mean maybe there are some totally academic super confident people, but I haven’t met them yet. Plus I would possibly poke them in the eye or stamp on their kebab.

Overall its fantastic and I’m super pleased, I’m just getting the hang of the tricky stuff. The databases, the searching, the language, the omg moments. I think thats okay. I’m just fronting it out and happily thriving on the hysteria. Ya know. So good.

In other news the Trans health conference went off marvellously. The Doc had helped organise this conference and its excellent programme with a colleague. So many amazing speakers and so many participants. It was a full house and a really great educational day for all. Phew! There are always some nerves before these events. Seems like it was a hit and looks like it might be an annual thing. I think its really important to educate more people, especially professionals about Trans Health care.

There is a programme on 60 Minutes in the next few days about a family with a couple of transgender people transitioning. I don’t actually know if I will watch it as sometimes its difficult not to criticise the way it is filmed. The initial advertising seemed a little sensationalist but I think thats often the case with these stories. I hope they ace it, but I’m fearful. I was also reminded not to read the comments under articles like this. I don’t think that kind of negativity is worth reading, even if you want to get an overall view on the story. It seems to be the same hatred or ignorance spewed out with all the words just put into a different order. I do think its helpful to put these stories out there though. I just want them to be done well.

Bus news… still awful. I don’t think I will ever like it. There is totally a bus etiquette! Who knew! So, last week at Uni I had to get the shuttle between sites. Its often a bit crowded and buses have two exits right? Everyone had got off the front exit and there must have been just an odd few getting off the back exit. I had gone to climb aboard and the bus driver had stopped me but then I thought he had said it was okay. So, I had got on and was sitting happily. Once everyone was on he got out of his seat and came to tell me off Β for getting on at an inappropriate time. I WAS MORTIFIED! BUT… I was also terribly polite and apologised and said I had misunderstood, then he seemed to feel bad and said never mind. So it was all okay PHEW! Now every time he sees me he is terribly nice and cheery and we smile at each other a lot and all is forgiven! So many things to learn!

Day news… 5k run and now I’m in my gown well before bedtime! Studying is better in your gown I find.

I hope everyones week is fabulous and I know I have a heap of coffee dates to catch up with! xxx






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