Wellington and good women!


A few months ago, when I was having a dreamy moment about New Zealand, which is one of my home countries, the Doc did some points magic and announced we would be going to Wellington in March. I was terribly pleased because…NZ…AND… WELLINGTON. 

I hadn’t been to Wellington before. I used to live in Auckland but wished I had picked Wellington. Not that there’s anything wrong with Auckland, but it’s like when you pick the roasted vegetables and someone else gets the polenta, then you wish you had got that! I just want to spread myself everywhere, you know, just in case I miss something. But Auckland was good! Yes!

I’d also made a good friend in the bloggy world last year, who lives in Wellington, so I was keen to meet her in the flesh.

We didn’t really have any plans except for a few runs and martinis but we managed a lot. We stayed in the Museum Hotel which was lovely, but does have the softest beds in the world. If you like a great big cloudy, soft, floaty, cushiony beds then you will be very pleased. I’m not so keen, but it was fine as the rest of the hotel experience was fabulous. 

There is a bohemian, funky kinda area called Cuba street and they were having a 2-day festival, with street theatre and food trucks, so we scoffed indian street food and found a gorgeous bar for fejoa gin and tonics. Somebody clever had thought to write that on the window with a chalk pen. I thanked them in my head for their clever foresight.

We filled the days with cable cars, crab houses, people watching and bought ourselves a box of black magic chocolates. That’s kind of weird but we both remembered buying them for our mums for their birthdays, in different hemispheres. We remembered them as being the very darkest chocolate. I have this completely nostalgic memory of them being the poshest chocolates in the whole world. Like super posh, and not for children because dark chocolate is too sophisticated!

Well. We left a heap of them behind. They aren’t posh and they aren’t dark. It’s a pretend kind of dark chocolate. With fondant. The Doc was super keen on getting her correct portion of the orange cream. I was fair about that, even though it’s the best one in the box. There was a lot of fingering of the almond crunch and complaints about why you would include it. It was one of those typical let downs that you get in adulthood. You know it’s not going to be the same. You know every time. So, there is now a box of well fingered black magic sitting in a hotel room in Wellington. Shrug.

We laughed at Pac n’ Save and didn’t go in.  I told the story of the super-giant mussels and the wailing and inability to cope when I first lived in NZ. So big. Gosh.

Then we had a morning with the lovely bloggy friend who took us on a quick tiki tour where we visited windswept beaches, and mountains, and cafes. We took a heap of photographs and I liked her sooooo super much even though I’d only ever spoken to her on line. It was the NICEST!! And total bonus, she is a fabulous photographer and sent me some gorge snaps this morning. I just want her to live next door now for pots of tea and chats. Mind you, she is reliable when I yell down the messenger to her. Prompt, encouraging and calming. Life advice from NZ which is like… put on the red lipstick and silver booties and it’s going to be fine. The best!

And then we were home, in a happy glow, with great big smiling faces. I highly recommend it, NZ in general, it just gets better and better. The land of the dairy and the bro’s and a plane full of spunky Qld Reds players. So good.

Then, this morning I had an important meeting with someone. It was one of those meetings where you feel super nervous. Like when you attend your first caesarean section and feel like you might vomit into the hole in the abdomen! One of those. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, the vomiting. Phew! It was all okay and I skipped down the road afterwards thinking of ALL the fabulous amazing, supportive, sound women I’ve ever met and thanked the goddess of the midwife, the parking meter, the workplace and whatever other goddess is around that they have passed my way! 

Now I need to do marketing shamoz, work out some sort of percentage and skip off to uni later. So much to learn.

Maybe check your points and see if you can fit in a quick trip over the ditch. It’s so worth it, and if you do go, tell me all about it! 





4 thoughts on “Wellington and good women!

  1. What a fab trip. And what a fab girlfriend to do that magic with her points. I’m yet to go to NZ, but I really want to. Holidays are the best. We are doing some points magic in July and going to Vietnam. Super excited. But NZ really is on my list of places I want to visit.

    I’m glad your meeting went well. Btw, your hair is looking so fab in that photo – how does it look so good when windswept?? xx

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