Throw out 29 things!

I’ve been yelling about throwing out 29 things today. I’m encouraging some disposal of stuff we might not need, stuff other people might need, or just stuff we could throw in the bin. Apparently if you throw away one thing on the first of the month, two on the second etc, then your life will become fabulous. I believe this. I don’t even need to be taught this, I am just encouraging it.

I’ve never had much attachment to stuff but I know some people do. I understand. Even though I look like I don’t and would happily chuck ALL of your stuff out for you. I also know there is a difference, you know, betweeen the the people with the psychiatric disorder around hoarding and the people with just a lot of condiments in their fridge. How many Indian pickles do people need?

It is tricky business because things are totally nice sometimes right?  I’m not one of those don’t have anything minimalists, all white and sterile nahhhhhh! I have lots of things that I love. Years ago I read a few books by Karen Kingston. She is into clearing out your clutter and how this can have a massive impact on your life. I remember it having quite an awesome effect on me and I became a believer. It’s all about how we are weighed down by massive amounts of clutter and it affects us in all kinds of ways. There was even a book back then called …. Does this clutter make my bum look big? …. which was related to having extra pounds on your bum due to your drawers full of clutter. I mean, what do you think? Do you think that can be true. I’m nodding a lot going …. maybe, who knows! I’m also inclined to think the extra pounds on my bum could be due to chocolate or something else, but gawd, clear out the drawers anyway right!

Other news is that it’s assignment week for uni. Everyone is not turning up to lectures and looking half dead. I have a certain smugness as I only have one left to do due to my keeno gene, but I’m also now doing the thing where you wonder if you actually answered all of the question. Even though I ticked it all off and probably did, I still wake up at 5 am wondering. I got a nice result from one assignment that I handed in earlier this month. The trouble was it came in the form of a letter and not a percentage so there was a moment of total hysteria where I thought I might of just scraped a pass. There was shrieking and reaching for the gin bottle at 10.20 am until I messaged a wise friend to help me understand the letter! All was well. Phew!

Other great news that came out this week was Jo from Mackay in Australia. You might have read about it on my Edie115 page on Facebook. She had the amniotic fluid embolism whilst having a cesarean section and survived! Just to put it in perspective, this is usually diagnosed on post mortum. It was such a great outcome and total credit to the team who were looking after her up at Mackay. Ive been around the block for a while as a midwife and have had 6 occasions of absolute life threatening emergency. Four of those women walked out of the hospital alive. In each case it was down to the skills of the team looking after the woman. It was so great to see such a lovely response to that post and all of the well wishes to Jo and her family.

I know I’m always banging on about it but I really want to share these positive stories. So often we are saturated in the negative stories, especially around healthcare. Jo will never be forgotten by anyone who was on that team that day. There will have been some tears afterwards, debriefing, evaluating, a lot of discussion. And a lot of thanks and relief that she was okay. Such an excellent outcome.

These teams save lives. Appreciate++.

Running news… just lazy 5 ks at the moment though there is a half marathon coming up in 10 weeks or so. Hmmmm, I might jump in on that. I do need to start picking up my distance again.

Oh and other lovely news, Nan and Nan are in Scotland together. Too nice. All custard slices and snow at the moment ❤



14 thoughts on “Throw out 29 things!

  1. I need to totally throw out 29 things. Specifically, at least 29 soft toys, there are more than 29 that have accumulated from three children and numerous op shop visits. There are also many other things to throw out. It would be nice if I threw out those things and found those extra kgs have melted away! I’ll give it a go. The story of Jo made me tear up; I think she lived every woman’s (who’s ever had a baby) deepest fear. What an amazing story and incredible team. I love that you’re feeling the smugness re uni – us mature students have earned that smugness. Enjoy it. xx


  2. It’s funny, though, how I think the things I need to throw out are my husbands, and the things HE thinks we need to throw out are mine! Hmmm … (we do have some going out tonight xx)

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    1. Yay! We often have a long discussion about each thing. If the background story is good enough I sometimes let it stay!
      I guess those things are the ones to keep. There are A LOT of stories in our house though 😄

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