Hey Spunks!


Catch up blog! its been a while but I thought it was time for an end of semester catch up.

Talking of catch ups, there’s a heap of people I owe some time and coffee to – you are the best, so patient, you would totes win a patience competition. Skilz!


So it’s been a mad and crazy semester and I have learnt SO MUCH. Like really. Audio and video shamoz and all the things I don’t want to do – that has been really interesting. I changed one of my majors to PR as I’m a professional talker and it seemed wise. Nevertheless, I have been learning a heap of digital stuff for the journalism bit of my course and I think it will come in useful anyway. I’ve learnt to stop shrieking about digital things and realised that if I spend a bit of time on you tube and Lynda dot com that I can generally work it out. I’ve also realised that having some life experience can take you far. No shit. It really can. So although I felt like a fish out of the water for a while things are a changin and I would be encouraging anyone to jump into some shiz that takes you out of your comfort zone. Just jump and work it all out later. You will be fine. Yup.

Something else I’ve noticed is that people will always be willing to help out. If you ask them. That’s the trick. Get yourself on the blower or e-mail or messenger and just ask. People amaze me, I send them messages going “Help, I know everything about vaginas but I don’t know shit about this,” and they come back with a LOL and often a heap of advice.

My fave person for this at the moment is Lucy Perry. She’s the bird who used to be the CEO of Catherine Hamlin’s charity for fistula operations in Ethiopia. She raised over 7 million in like 2 years. She knows stuff about fundraising. She is also bloody lovely and has given me and the big spunky boy a heap of time and advice on getting a decent campaign together for the NT transgender health clinic fundraising. She is so straight up, she’s like “Edie, this current campaign is crap… do this, and this, and this, think about this, what about this, fix this” etc.  It was crap, she’s right, luckily it wasn’t my campaign, I bleated that loudly. She’s a taskmaster and nobodies patsy and totally ace to give time to us just because she can. She is totes my fave at the moment and the person I want printed on my t-shirt this week! So ASK!!! DO!!! People love helping out. They might ignore you, Ira Glass is still ignoring me but he does think I have a nice hustle. Shrug.

Fitness shamoz – img_3890Well I had a little bit of a setback in that my boss man at the gym sold up to go travel the world. I loved this for him but I sulked about it a lot, canceled my membership, sent a heap of emotional e-mails, sulked some more, ate some jam on toast, sulked a bit more and then got a grip and challenged the new owner to a sword fight in full costume on the forecourt to sort it out. He sensibly said, come back! He is a good egg. So I did and it is now ‘the thing of which we do not speak.’ its HPF innit. I love them. I’ve got the t-shirt. I’m now back in tyre flippin, burpee hell and so life is happy and back to normal.

I’m still running but need to up it a bit as we will have some overseas runs this year and I don’t want to be like a big panting numpty! We are going to do Run Copenhagen which will be heaps of fun. I’m hoping to get the orange t-shirt.

Travel plans are so cool this year. Me and big spunky boy are off to the Netherlands for big spunky girls wedding in 3 weeks. So exciting and fabulous and I think my Mum and Dad might be staying in the same hotel, so it is going to be hilarious! Plus the wedding, SWOON. Then we are back for 19 days and I’m off with the Doc to London, Paris, Scotland, South of England and Copenhagen! We are going to go to Paris on the Eurostar channel tunnel. This is a source of a bit of anxiety for the Doc. Under the English Channel for 20 mins. No need really, but there is a Buffett car and champers or something. It will be fine. I have a gorge Parisian midwife friend to hook up with and we are staying in Dungeness for a week before Copenhagen.

Make yourself a cuppa and watch this….


Dungeness is a totally unique place. I grew up nearby and if I didn’t live anywhere else in the world I would live here. I can’t explain but if you ever get the chance then rent yourself a little place and step out of the world for a week. Everyone needs a week out of the world yes?

I’ve just had a lovely chat with my mate D. She is the best and we can cover everything from midwifery to life, fitness, bloating and oversized hoodies in 10 mins flat… then we are like see ya bye until we can meet at the Nun for an hour, which always turns into 3 because we are both professional talkers.

I’ve been doing lots of Indian cooking recently. This isn’t really anything new as we eat a lot of Indian food generally but I made this the other night and it’s pretty good. I used seperate garlic and fresh ginger, not paste and I added one of those sachets of coconut cream and half a tin of coconut milk. You can add kale if you want!  So good. If you want to have a bash you can HERE!

Life is good.

Love Edie xxx


6 thoughts on “Hey Spunks!

  1. You’ve totally got the digital thang going on! So impressed. I love your catch up posts – your travel plans sound so amazing! If I wasn’t going on my own fabulous holiday to Vietnam I would totally be jealous. Have an ace time. xx

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  2. So pleased to hear everything is going well for you, Edie! And assure the Doc going under the channel is TOTALLY FINE even though it does seem a bit weird! Excellent that you have learned heaps and enjoy your travels and your running and your burgers and your Indian food xx

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