Life, Journeys And Weddings!


How are you? 

I’ve totally had the BEST couple of weeks. My daughter got married in Holland! I know! Tulips and windmills and all that stuff. I did see a few tulips but no windmills, but you can’t have everything right?!

It was the MOST amazing wedding and I’m not just saying that because it was the big Spunky girl, it actually was.19554948_1935003780076240_5201438720264410496_n It was a massive Syrian affair and we danced our socks off. We danced until we could dance no more and there was so much joy and love. We were the happiest family in the world and my girl could not have found a better fella or family to marry into. Actual LOVEFEST!!! YUP.

When the Doc and I got engaged my friend ‘A’ came to the party after work. She came after a 12 hour shift on Birth Suite and got changed in the car. She said that when she got home she couldn’t sleep because ‘LOVE’! And then had to go back to work for another 12 hour shift! I felt the same after the wedding. I went back to the hotel and couldn’t sleep either. Because ‘LOVE’. I totally ‘got’ all her feels. I did! It was the best day in the world.IMG_9878

Rany’s Mum sent jewellery gifts from Syria.She couldn’t be with us but everyone kept her on Skype or live feed all day. She was so happy. A piece of everyones heart was broken though. We blew many kisses over the miles. She really is an amazing woman, I was told this all night. She is xxx


We flew Emirates because we love them. I love the costumes. My friend works for them and she is keener on these costumes from Hainan Airlines, I don’t blame her, they are pretty swoony.

We also spent a couple of days in Amsterdam. I always have a bit of a complain about Amsterdam but I’m starting to like it more each time I go. I would recommend a visit to the museum ( not the sex one, but DO go there if you want to!) and also the Palace in Dam Square which used to be the Town Hall. They are super fancy and fun.

Top tip – Don’t eat anywhere with a nice view over a square. you will get a small handful of hot chips that will cost you about $20. Spunky boy had to go and get himself a bigger portion from the chip shop on the way up the road. I was sad I couldn’t fit in Indian food from the most excellent little Indian place we frequented last time I was there. It’s true that you should stick to Indian or Indonesian food in Holland. Food is very tricky there. unless you like hot chips and kebabs and cheese, if thats the case then go for your life.

There are a lot of lovely places to sit in Amsterdam and chat about all the things in life. It is super important to have these kinds of chats I think. 19657310_1936011723308779_2162390618666501174_nYou know the general going over stuff and talking about the good stuff, the bad stuff, the mistakes you’ve made. DO have these convos with your kids. They are SO GOOD. Everyone feels happier – y’know, the LOVE – and then you eat hot chips. Some people never admit their mistakes, its a bit gahhhhhhh. It’s much better to do that even if it makes you screw up your face. Yup. Spew it all out.

One mistake that I think people make in life is having a black suitcase. Carousels shit me no end. All that luggage going round and round with frantic people pushing to the front. Spunky boy mentioned the black suitcase thing. I nodded. There were so many and a situation where somebody took the wrong one. This caused some panic. The eye rolling.

We did come back via Melbourne which was a bit weird. The only good thing about it was that I could get a decent cup of coffee. When I got on the plane I decided to sleep for the last 2.5 hours as it was simply the only way to deal with it. Spunky boy was in a different row so I slid myself in the middle of a very nicely dressed business woman and a trendy man wearing chinos. I felt a bit awkward because I thought I was possibly a bit smelly and needed to brush my teeth by this stage. Nevertheless I fell sound asleep but then woke myself up as I had clearly made a loud snorty horsy noise… you know when you just know you have made the loud snorty horse noise!!!! I totally had! I kept my eyes shut thinking OMG the shame!!! The poor people, I wonder if that story was told in the pub later. Blonde, smelly travel girl harrumphing like a pony!!! GAWD.

And then I was home. I smile with the happiness xxx






6 thoughts on “Life, Journeys And Weddings!

  1. All that love… So beautiful. It sounds like you had an amazing time, your daughter looked so gorgeous – a beautiful bride. Those unique occasions make for wonderful bonding times with family, I reckon.
    I must remember that advice about the mistakes for when my kidletts are older. Xx

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    • Was so beautiful Collette. Mistakes chats are great and so are hot chips lol. I’ve been thinking of you lots having your beautiful Vietnam adventure with your family ❤️


  2. How fab to have a beautiful wedding like that to remember for your girl! Oh you made me giggle at the end with your snor sesh on the flight! Better than being stuck next someone that farts! True story! And no it wasn’t me, it was mighty long London – Hong Kong flight and I used up all my expensive Kora Facial Misting Rose scented spray!!!!

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  3. Sounds like the wedding was totes amaze! I’m so happy for you and your daughter. The Netherlands is my favorite country in the world. I lived in Amsterdam for 3.5 months and completely fell in love with it. It’s the only other city I would want to live in if I had to leave Melbourne. ❤

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