Back to Paris

Paris is at the top of the top of the list of cities I would happily live in. I adore it. Swoon!


Window love Paris

It’s worth finding a gorgeous Airbnb. You want to be among it all and live like a Parisian! I spent a week doing just that. I had some challenges with my schoolgirl French but generally I worked it out. Top tip – remember to weigh your fruit and vegetables before taking them to the counter. Sometimes the security guard will help you if it’s tricky. True story.

Smile at everyone, people will often help you if you smile. Also hang out with French friends if you have them. I met a midwifery pal and let her do the talking. I expect everyone thought I was French 😉



Try to get a roof top apartment, even though we complained so much about the stairs in Rome last year, it was so worth it!

This place has  lift. Phew!

I had to do some uni work while away. I pottered around with mugs of coffee… you know in the brown French style mugs, munched chunks of baguette with olives, and drank glasses of red on rainy afternoons. I know! So blissful.

We bought a pot of basil to add to the balcony garden. Add things if you can I reckon. its like when you look in the cupboards and other visitors have left good things like olive oil. So useful. I love people who leave chilli condiments the most.

Now I was bound to throw in a bit of running but DO try to run on your vacations! I mean only if you like it and you fancy it but it is so good! You will feel so much better, run off some of the holiday cheese and wine!!! You will get lovely views like this and being up early is the best thing in big tourist cities. You could walk too! That will work!




We skipped around a few other places too. Scotland is always a fave and Edinburgh is also one of my favourite cities. I have a list. Its hard to choose right!

One of the nicest things we did was go to Dungeness. I grew up near there as a child and its a strange kind of place. For a start its got a massive nuclear power station that hums and puffs steam all the time. It is such a large expanse of shingle it’s classed as a desert. The power station is lit up and beautiful at night (really)!

I guess I need to show some pics so you get the idea. we stayed for a week in this cottage. Silence – apart from the hum of the power station of course.


Dungeness cottage

I loved this part. the silence, the birds, the ocean, the Mr Foxy who greeted us one night. I loved the slow mornings, the coffee, the elderflower gin, the lazy lecture listening and the baths! I had one every night! I loved meeting with a childhood friend who I hadn’t seen for 30 years and spending the evening realising that we hadn’t changed much at all, leaving each other with beaming smiles, hoping it won’t be so long till the next time. She also arranged Mr Foxy to greet us when we got back to the cottage. I totes believe her. She has the Foxy manifestation skilz!


Dungeness Power Station

Lastly was Copenhagen! I liked it, a lot, but everything cost a 1000 dollars! A cup of coffee was $7.50 and nobody makes coffee like Australians! Everything else was 1000 dollars. We did buy a few things but we gasped a lot!

People also thought I was Danish. I know! Versatility! xxx





2 thoughts on “Back to Paris

    • I know!!! Dungeness! I love it so much and it’s always nice to go back to my area😀 Thanks for dropping by. If you tell me that you live there I will squeal!!!!!! ❤️


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