Under Milk Wood

IMG_1565Under Milk Wood…..Oh how I adore it!

I used to have this fabulous radio drama on audio. I was reminded of it yesterday when a friend told me that her grandmother was called Myfanwy, one of the best names! It’s such a beautiful piece of writing, all about the innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of a welsh fishing village. I actually studied it for ‘O’ Level English along with Cider with Rosie. I never did get to the exam as I had buggered off to hitchhike to a hippy festival in Liverpool. I might have done quite well! (NOTE FOR KIDS : Don’t do this. You will end up spending more years at college than you want to. But if you do, remember to take more than fishnet tights, Dr Martin boots and a t-shirt. You will die of the cold and it’s shit on a motorway embankment in such attire. You’re welcome).

I used to find myself quoting parts of Milk Wood in the kitchen while making toast. It probably wasn’t quite the same without a welsh accent. I did try by repeating ‘Megan’ over and over again, just like I’d learnt in drama school! It came out more south London!

If you like radio dramas then its worth a listen. You might love it as much as me! it’s also hilarious and a little bit saucy πŸ˜‰

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And then you might also like to listen to this this xxx



8 thoughts on “Under Milk Wood

  1. I have heard of it, but don’t know the story. Radio dramas are a very English thing aren’t they. I must take a look, although I’m not great at listening to things. My podcast app is telling me I have like 14000 podcasts that are downloaded but not listed to. But Under Milk Wood – even the name is lovely.

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    • Just watch the you tube clip on here Collette, you’ll get the idea! Yes, terribly English !! I have huge lists of podcasts too!!! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ


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