My Aversion to Conversion Therapy

Dr Fiona Bisshop

The outspoken leader of the Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton, who gets far too much media attention, is a master of conflation who is determined to convince the Australian public that allowing gay folk to marry will lead to the downfall of modern civilization.  His latest stunt is to call for parents of gay and trans children to send their kids to “conversion therapy”.  He makes it sound like sexuality and gender identity are just fads that can be prayed away or forced out of young people’s heads.gaynotgay-300x225

In fact there is a lot of evidence to show that reparative anti-gay therapies cause much harm, and are tantamount to abuse.  Victims of these programs all over the world can attest to the fact that they didn’t work, produced intense mental torment, and caused them to waste huge chunks of their lives being inauthentic. An Australian documentary on the effects of…

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