Why Darwin is So Great



So, after cracking the shits for most of the last week about the platform for total hate that Facebook has become, I left Facebook and the State!

Actually, I’m only here for 4 nights but gawd it came at a great time. I am so much happier now!

Aboriginal dance at Midil Sunset Markets

Darwin!!! I just love this place, and I probably need to pop up with the doc when she does her clinic at least twice a year. Here are my reasons….

  • The Aboriginal dance at the Mindil Markets. It’s so good. The guy there has been playing the didgeridoo and putting on performances for 19 years. Everything about it is just so awesome.
  • If you lived here – you could roll out of bed half an hour before work. There’s no traffic and you could grab a coffee on the way in. Totes laid-back lifestyle.
  • Heat – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the tropical warmth has got to be good for your soul I reckon.
  • Multiculturalism – so great. The best food, the best markets, the best Darwin kids.
  • The hospitality – everyone is friendly in Darwin, people chat with you at the checkout. 
  • 40 mins to Litchfield National park – croc-free swimming in waterfalls. Amazing.
  • Also a bit further but worth the trip, Kakadu, and Katherine.
  • The wildlife – I’m not too keen on crocs but there is plenty of other types!
  • Darwin Time – its laid back, super laid back. You stop rushing for a while and that’s got to be good for all of us.

One day I might visit and never come back 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why Darwin is So Great

  1. I’ve never been to Darwin, but would love to go. My Dad always said that if he didn’t love Melbourne so much Darwin was the one place he’d consider relocating to. The slow pace appeals. I think a little bit more slow in all our lives is a great idea.

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    • It is beautiful Collette and kinda daggy which I love. I haven’t been at the super hot time though!!! The Doc has though and she seems to cope!!! Xxx


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