Hallo Peaches!

I’ve been a bit lazy with my blog this year, but there has been the odd good post. I thought it was time for an update on life.


I have completed one year at uni!!! I know! Where did the year go? I still think it was one of my most genius plans, I’ve learned so much and grown so much. Uni just widens your horizons. I read different things, I’m exploring different things, and all in all, I just think it’s been a great move.

This semester was much better than the first when I was completely hysterical. I’ve got more into the groove and I’ve ditched 14 hour study days of hysteria. No need, but I am the kind of person who has to go through the hysterical to get to the sensible. I’m the committed sort!

I’ve made some ace mates and I’m doing 2 units of summer school with my beautiful friend Jenna. We went through Speech class together with much reassurance and nodding and deep breathing and terrifying moments to bond us!!! So yes, summer school!!

I’m off to Sydney in about 3 weeks just for a few days for the docs birthday, there may be a day of a conference involved but we are going to stay on the beach at Coogee and I’m super looking forward to that.

fullsizeoutput_1752The big spunky boy had a ‘crushing injury foot injury in a mosh pit’ about 9 months ago that never seemed to fix… the mosh pit bit makes me lol,  it’s not really lol, but still lol… It seems that they missed a fracture (right!!!), so yesterday involved me driving across town like grand theft auto, CT scans, bakery trips, coffee and talking about ALL the things in the world. It was all really nice apart from the bit about the missed fracture. The only way I can compete with his injury is by mentioning the time both of my big toenails fell off when I wore biker boots too small for me to Brighton Pride. I looked so great in those boots. I was happy to sacrifice the nails really.

The dishwasher broke. There was a lot of chat about non-rinsing of plates properly and a day of me poking about with a metal coat hanger. Eventually, we decided to buy a new one. I was excited because I thought we could get an ace retro looking one, but then I found out it was pretty fancy, and you needed a cabinet maker. I was like meh, and so we bought a nan chic style white one. I’m not a fan of stainless steel. Now I just want a whole Scandinavian style kitchen, but ya know, the cabinet maker.

Today was spent putting up pictures we had framed (take out a second mortgage), and it all looks amazing. I did have to cling to the doc during a precarious moment of leaning over the stairwell to bang in a picture hook. There was much yelling about possible broken necks and spinal injuries but y’know, I hung on tightly 🙂

Oh, and we bought new lights for the dining room and kitchen today too. I wanted a massive chandelier for the kitchen but the doc thought it would be a bit much. I didn’t. In the end, we got a nice scandi style one.

Something else I found out this week is that most of Australia’s milk is exported to China. That’s not local, is it?! I’ve told about six people this news. They nod and go hmmmmm. I think I could talk about it for 3 hours at least.

So that’s my news! Life is pretty sweet and I have about 17 days to catch my breath before summer school.

Big Lurve,

Edie x





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