Taking Stock…

619ccec672d63b54aa759112e3756f74Making: A baby!

Joking! I’m making a cosy gorgeous home, there is Indian music playing, Indian cooking happening, watering of gardens, smoothie making and I’m still in my PJ’s at 5.25pm. I recommend it.

Cooking: Right now I am cooking this. I’m a massive fan of all things Indian. This is delicious, there are a few steps but y’know, do it at the weekend, prep your week and all that. Oh, and you don’t have to deep fry your cauliflower or potato if you want it a bit healthier. You can spray it with some oil and shove it in the oven. To be fair, I always go off on a tangent with a recipe, and decide my ideas are better. There has been the odd tragedy, but generally fine! Just add chilli, to everything, you’ll be right.

I also want to make chilli oil like this!

Drinking: Water. Gallons of it. Drink more, you’ll just feel better. I don’t know how it works, I’m not a doctor.


Reading: The Strays, Emily Bitto. Fabulously bohemian,  I’m loving it.  Read more about it here.

Wanting: Nothing, don’t need anything. Oh yes, I do! I want some copper pots to put indoor plants into. Need to go antique store hunting.

Looking: At my girlfriend writing a presentation. Sometimes she moves her lips silently as she reads through it. I sometimes try to guess the subject by the silent lip moving. Also,  sometimes her hair falls on her face and I think she is the most beautifullest girl in the world.

Playing: Indian chill Spotify playlist. Nice, check it out here.

Deciding: Whether to have a shower and change out of my PJ’s 🙂

Wishing: That I’d got a CT scan for the missed fractured foot on the big spunky boy.

Enjoying: Chilled out Sundays. My weekends changed forever when I chucked in my job and could choose when to work. I recommend this too.

Waiting: Hmmmm, I don’t think I’m waiting for anything, I’m just busy living.

Liking: So many things, so many people, so many experiences. I can’t choose!

Wondering: Why food travels so far. Like you know about 90% of Australia’s milk going to China and all that. Also wishing that we had more small shops and no supermarkets. I’m just not keen on supermarkets. Nope.

Loving: Sunday afternoons.

Edinburgh-Under-Snow-WinterConsidering: If we should go to Edinburgh and London for Christmas next year.

Watching: Big Little Lies. Loving it so far. It may take me some time to get through, you know what I’m like!

Hoping: That I get enough time this summer to revamp the front balcony. Fairy lights ++. There is a house around the corner and at Christmas time they put all beautiful white lights through the trees in their garden. One time I screeched to a halt in my car and yelled out of the window to them how beautiful it was. Big and little spunky boys in the back slithered down in their seats going “Arrrrghhhhh how embarrassing” I was like “Nooooo you must show appreciation!!!”.

Marvelling: At the Ultra-Marathoners. They crazy people, but I get it 🙂 If you fancy a running doco check these out.

Needing: A cup of tea.

Smelling: Indian food.

Wearing: Pj’s.

Noticing: We probably need to decorate at some point. Ignoring it for now, I shall buy more flowers and frame more pictures.

Thinking: You can never have enough bunches of flowers around.

Feeling: Totes happy and frolicky like a lamb.

Admiring: ALL the fashion I saw in Copenhagen. I need to go back.

Sorting: My wardrobe.

Getting: Impatient with the list so I shall finish there, LOL!


Edie x



8 thoughts on “Taking Stock…

    • Yes I’ve loved it. I really like it when you read something set where you’ve lived. I loved the haunting of lamb house set in Rye in England just for the reason

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  1. I love your Sunday, I want so much to stay in my pjs all damned day. Especially at the moment when I am defeated. But I’m keen to do a taking stock post, so maybe soon. And the book. I heard an interview with the author on the day the Stella prize for this year was announced (I think she won last year). And I thought it sounds so great. Later that night I tried to find it on line and couldn’t find a thing. I ended up buying a copy of this year’s Stella winner (Museum of Modern Love, if you’re interested.) I’m yet to read it but hoping for that day in my pjs; it might provide some reading time too. xx

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    • PJ days are the best. We’ve got to take the time out sometimes eh. Sending you love and restfulness and I shall look up the book. Taking time out is so hard but so important. Hugs xxx


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