Walking for Health and Pink Cheeks!


I’m going to write a post about walking!!! I know!

I’m a runner, I don’t do walking, but I totes rate it for people who want to get a bit fitter and want the pink cheeks. Walking is good (except for when it’s me, on a hike in Tasmania, then it is the slapped bottom face). Why should I walk you say? Here’s why you should, especially if you don’t do anything else.

General health – First of all, it improves your health. It reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, blah blah… but posts like that are boring, so let’s talk about the more interesting stuff!

Community Connections – Nan went for a walk last week and met a very nice lady on our street, gardening. Chit chat ensued and Nan came back with a bunch of beautiful orchids to plant into our garden. So nice right? Nan left a lovely plant on her doorstep a few days later. Community connections!!

Start walking, and you’ll be helping to make your community stronger, too. Social scientists have found that as more people take to the streets, neighborhood crime rates fall and the local economy improves. It’s also a wonderful way to meet new people and connect with neighbors. Take a walk with your children after dinner. It can promote better communication, reduce behavior problems, and improve academic performance.

Harvard Health.


Before we used to run, the doc and I used to do 100 steps after dinner. Once we saw an OWL !!!! I know !!! It’s worth doing it for that !

Mental Health – Gawd, there have been so many studies on the positive effects of exercise on mental health. Massive, fantastic, amazing results. Proven. You don’t have to go all out and become some crazy CrossFit person. Nahhhhhh, walking does the job. You’ll feel calmer, you might work out some stuff as you trot along. You will feel better at the end of every walk. I bet ya 20 bucks! You might eventually become some crazy CrossFit person, but who cares right now.

To find out more about that read THIS It has ALL the words like serotonin and endorphins 🙂

Creating Positive Habits – Habits are good, the healthy ones! One thing I’ve always said is ‘go slow’. I think people often decide to go all out and exercise every single day. Before they know it, they are eating a bucket of KFC while watching Netflix. Burnout. Go slow, walk 3 days a week, build up the minutes, then maybe walk 4 and so on. Don’t be doing a job on yourself. Park far across the carpark, walk up the stairs, walk one set of stairs then catch the lift. Next week walk two flights. But do have a habit! Make yourself an appointment for your walks. Put your head up, pop your shoulders back, think about your posture and breathe deeply into your diaphragm… that sounds hilarious but check it out HERE

Ps… you don’t have to have lung disease to benefit from this. Learning how to breathe well is useful in all sorts of ways. If you’re more into yoga stylee breathing (also excellent), try this:

Podcasts – Walks are such a great time to catch up on podcasts. If you don’t know about podcasts you should. Basically, they are like radio shows on every subject you can think of. Go to your app store and download  OVERCAST  then you can search for anything. Here are some good ones to start you off:






There are tons more and you can search for anything from crochet to brain surgery – Probs! Just plug the names into your overcast app you have downloaded. Overcast is the mothership and will save all your podcasts in one place, then subscribe to your faves.

Step counters – If you are a fancy gadget person you can get a FITBIT  or a JAWBONE UP or something fancy like that. You don’t need it as you can always just use your phone. Most phones have a step counter on them but if you want the fancy, you could start mentioning it for Christmas 🙂

920x920Zombies Run – ZOMBIES RUN Now this is more of a running app BUT I want someone to try it out for walking as I think it would still work. You have to collect all these things for your base (it’s all in the app, imagination, not actual collecting, Yikes!) and you wear headphones and zombies chase you, which makes you walk a bit faster. Anyway, it’s fun and that’s a general idea. I think everyone should try it out and tell me about it. The big spunky boy used to use it for running and said that he did run faster with the zombies moaning in his ears! Someone try it for walking, please 🙂

Benefits – So really, if you do all this you will feel better, you will climb hills and stairs easier. You will be calmer. You will sleep better. Your lungs will be better, you will know ALL about zombies, you might get free plants, your neighborhood will be safer. You will also have plenty of interesting stories to tell about the podcasts you have listened to, and you will have the pink cheeks! You will also have sore shins, this is normal, this will pass. Yup.

For all the people walking for 10 minutes, 12 minutes or whatever you are doing. I salute you. YOU are a bloody legend. For some people 12 minutes is amazing. I don’t know if you remember the time that my old gym buddy Sam did some full burpees? You can read it HERE.

Full burpees can change the world. So can 12 mins of walking. I don’t care where anybody starts from when it comes to fitness. Just start. And then keep encouraging the people that have. Call them, message them, give them an ‘oi’. Take a bit of time out of your day to send them some support.

Oh, and if you kinda started then stopped because ‘life’ or whatever, just start again. tomorrow is another day. There are no rules! Gawd! Drive your own bus peaches 🙂

NOTE: If you want to do a bit more and learn how to run check out my ‘page’ stuck up there at the top, ‘How to learn to run’. But ya know, walk before you run 🙂


Edie xxx







4 thoughts on “Walking for Health and Pink Cheeks!

  1. I used to love walking until I signed up for Steptember this year and HAD to walk 10,000 steps a day with a thing strapped on to me that counted the steps. The counting part annoyed me so much that now I’ve stopped walking until my brain forgets how many steps are in a half-hour walk. But the upside is I’m gonna buy a bike instead…!
    PS And you’ve inspired me a little bit. I might even start walking again just in case I see an owl out there!

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  2. I walk every day. It’s about the only cardio I can hack! And now I have to do it for osteoporosis management 😬30-40 minutes every weekday and then an hour or so on the weekends with my man. It’s our date time! I used to listen to podcasts – those on your list! – but I’m on a bit of a break now! And I can thoroughly recommend pranayama. Excellent for deepening and controlling the breath.

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