Transgender Day of Rememberence

The big spunky boy wrote this. I don’t need to say anything else ❤️

Today is Trans Day of Rememberence.

I remember not being able to breathe every time I heard “she”

I remember wondering if my friends would still like me if they actually knew who I was.

I remember being riddled with anxiety every time I stepped outside.

I remember sitting on my balcony with my mother, sobbing hysterically because it seemed like it would never get easier.

I remember telling a room full of teachers that my name was Vince, like they had never met me before. I remember every single one of them telling me they supported me, that my identity matters.

I remember every warm, reassuring smile, every look of understanding, every single student in my community who reached out to me, who comforted me, who told me that “even though we aren’t close I want you to know I support you”

I remember the nurse who warmly grabbed my hand after surgery and said to me “I know this means everything to you”

I remember feeling comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life, it wasn’t exciting or remarkable in any way, it just was. And it was wonderful.

I remember these things because they saved my life, because some days the only thing that got me through was the kindness of one of my allies. Because when I wasn’t capable of loving myself they loved me anyway.

Sometimes I run my fingers along the scars across my body and I am filled with gratitude and pride, because these scars represent love, and attention and care. They are remnants left by the surgeon who attentively sculpted my body to make it mine, they are the strength I had to muster up when there was simply no other choice. They are part of me because I am not a victim of my identity, I am liberated by it and I hope you choose, in your life to be part of that empowerment for others.

This trans day of remembrance, make a commitment to yourself, that you will be kind, loving and understanding of those of us who gender bend, that you will educate yourself, that you’ll stand up against transphobia, even when it’s inconvenient for you. Because things don’t just change by themselves, you have to make the concious decision to be a part of it. That’s how we save lives, so next year, there can be less murders, suicides and assaults for us to remember.

Edie xxx

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