Treadmill Shamoz…

IMG_2144Hallo Peaches,

I’m going to write a post about treadmills. I know! I don’t really ever get on a treadmill these days as I graduated to loving running outdoors, but gawd I still have a fondness towards them. I learnt to run on a treadmill, and was so attached to my particular favourite at the gym that I would give full on dirty looks to anyone who had taken it before me. I remember wailing about the possibility of running outdoors and collapsing outside Hobbyrama! I was safe on my treadmill and could go as far as I wanted. Well that all changed, but like I say I still have the fondness and I still think they are a bloody ace piece of gym equipment.

Not everyone is a runner and not everyone has to be. Walking can be as good I reckon. The great thing about treadmills is that you can programme them to work for you and develop your own programmes. Drive your own bus and all that.

Most treadmills will come with some programmes on them. It’s really worth reading the instruction manual (says me who never reads instructions!), but do, because it is totally worth knowing which programmes are on there. You can just set a treadmill off and go but a handy hint is that you can often set them for a number of minutes that will count down for you. Say you want to walk for 15 minutes, set the time then you are more likely to do the 15 minutes. If you just set it off on ‘go’ you might be all like ‘meh’ after 10 mins.

It’s worth reading the instructions so that you can make a plan. Look through those programmes, grab a notebook and write them down in order of difficulty. Are there any you could do now? In 2 months? Make a plan of action to cross some of them off.

The other function worth using is the ‘incline’. The incline is great for fitness and often forgotten. Even 1% makes a massive difference and you can click it on and off interval training stylee!

The other thing that is helpful, is to use it!! Now I’ve said this 100 times but I will say it again….. GO SLOW, DO NOT GO HELL FOR LEATHER AND BURN OUT! You know the story, in 3 weeks you’re gonna be eating KFC in front of Netflix, and the treadmill will be a clothes horse. People still do it!!! Gawd. 10mins a day, 15 mins a day… what floats your boat? Three times a week? Write that shit down on the calendar. Make an appointment with your gorgeous self.

What you going to do while you’re on it? Podcasts, Netflix, Silence, Womb noises? There is plenty to choose from. Also timing… when you gonna do it? Are you going to do it before work, after work, on days off. ย It sounds simple but it is worth considering all these things. Plan for success and all that. You should see some of my notebooks!

Consider that in a few weeks you will be feeling much fitter. You’ll find it easier when your climbing stairs, bringing in the shopping and just generally in life. There is a joy to climbing hills without puffing. You’ll probably just feel better and you might have done that with quite a manageable amount of exercise. Consistancy is key here, this is actually the secret. Yup.

Now one of the reasons I wrote this post is because I’ve got this pal who has a bit of heart shamoz going on. This kind of diagnosis is shit and takes quite a toll emotionally. I don’t have the stats, ย I could probably look them up, but most people diagnosed with stuff like this change their lifestyle initially (for quite a short period of time) and then revert completely back to what they were doing before. To actually continue a whole lifestyle change in terms of nutrition/diet, exercise and self-care is quite against the odds. Unless you are like my friend who clearly is the ‘shit’ and has fucked those stats right off. In fact she just does better and better. She’s driving her own bus. It is hard to make those lifestyle changes and keep them up. I think as decent good humans we need to encourage anybody who is making those efforts. So if you know someone trying to make some health changes. Cheer them on, send them some support, go and offer to walk with them. ย When people initially start a programme of health improvement they are really kept going by that outside support and then there is the magic switch where the outside support doesn’t matter anymore. I wrote about that once, it’s psychology and shit, but it’s worth a thought. Cheer on your mates. Be a good human.

Oh, and hire the treadmill, you might be fancying something different in 6 months ๐Ÿ™‚

Edie xoxox



10 thoughts on “Treadmill Shamoz…

  1. What a beautiful post! And I know your friend – who I also know is going so well on her heathy heart life changes – will really appreciate this (as do the rest of us – can apply similar logic to running as I’m rediscovering for the umpteenth time, with Rosie the dog motivating me!)

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  2. “Plan for success” and “Make an appointment with your gorgeous self”… are two things I always forget to do! I love treadmills and I haven’t been on one for A WHOLE YEAR because I forgot to make that appointment. I just can’t run outside (totally psychological) but I love the safe little cocoon of the treadmill and the happiness high it gives you. So thanks for this reminder! Now I’ll shift my arse off the couch and get back to the gym!

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  3. Oh my goodness, if I’d slept badly last night, I’d be sobbing right now. What a gorgeous post about your ‘friend’. It is totally a heart shamoz, that’s a great descriptor.

    YOU ARE SO FRIGGIN’ LOVELY EDIE! It’s so true what you wrote about needing people cheering for you in the first stages of making big changes. I definitely need to be cheered on, like actually encouraged with words and woo hoos, and how bloody lucky I feel to have such supportive pals like you, and Helen and Carolyn who have commented here, doing just that.

    Send me all the flowers and confetti! Bahhaaa – they can be Instagram flowers or confetti, truly.

    I like the idea of reading the instructions again, I did a quick scan but though programmes, scary. I’ll revisit them and maybe try a teensy incline this weekend.

    THANK YOU gorgeous friend xxx

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