End of year stuff and Public Health and All That…

IMG_2333Hallo Peaches,

Well that year went fast didn’t it?! It’s totally flown by and I’ve learnt so much I am possibly going to pop with all the knowledge in my head. I’m off to do Public Health for the next couple of years, now that I’ve got a year of communications under my belt. I was a bit over health last year. in fact I think I said ‘fuck health’ but I just can’t get away from it and I am doomed to live my life in complete frustration. As much as I’d love to have a job where I can just swan around in high heels drinking martinis, health is where it’s at for me. There are just too many inequalities and work to be done. I mean gawd someone has got to do it right? And you know, I’ve got a big mouth so I might as well put it to use and try to be a decent human, sans martinis!!

This year has been challenging for a lot of people in the LGBTIQA community. I’m sure that everybody is now thinking ‘shut up you got your vote’ but it actually went a whole lot deeper than that. A lot of people were affected by the public discourse about this and I feel that maybe now the next group to be picked on will be the trans folk. In fact there was a lot of transphobic attacks during that time too. A lot of people were left in very vunerable situations because of the whole survey thing. I’m not actually prepared to let that go with an ‘hurrah’ because it really messed some people up. I live in this community so I see it. Nah it wasn’t okay. So an end of year round up wouldn’t be right without mentioning that.

A great thing that came out of this year was that trans teenagers no longer have to apply to the family court to get stage 2 hormone treatment. The process cost up to $30,000 and was a massive obstacle for a lot of families. We don’t need the family court telling our beautiful trans kids who they are, they already know. This news made me have a happy sob. To read more about that go HERE

The doc won ‘Medical Professional of the Year’ for the second year running at the Trans health Awards. It’s really wonderful to get acknowledgements like that and in true Pony style she acknowledged all the other wonderful doctors who work in this area. Everyone deserves an award. But my babes is the best 😉 Seriously though, the docs who work in this area are amazing and it is lifesaving stuff. You are the ‘shit’!

The other thing I did this year was have a gastric sleeve back in November. Now there will probably be some surprise about that as I wasn’t massively overweight but I have been. As most people know I lost around 40kg over the last 5 years or so and I changed my lifestyle. Hot tip: do this, you’ll be much healthier. I also run and go to the gym 3 times a week but I was still overweight. And to be honest it was blood sweat and tears to maintain that weight loss and yup I was pretty unhappy about that. We don’t really understand obesity and I think eventually we will be doing fecal transplants and all kinds of shamoz for it. I decided that getting 80% of my stomach cut out would do the trick. It sounds extreme, but it was a good year of research and a lot of thought. Six weeks later I am 13.5 kg down and my cholesterol has dropped from what used to be 8.2 to 5.2 without any statins. The reason I’m mentioning it here is that I often talk about running and eating and health and stuff, it wouldn’t be authentic to not be upfront about it. Like I’d hate people to see photos in a few months at a race or something, and be like ‘oh she just lost all her weight through diet and exercise’ because I didn’t lose it all through diet and exercise. I lost a massive heap through that (total kudos to me) and I would encourage anyone to eat well and exercise because of the multitude of benefits. But for some of us there is a genetic component in obesity. It’s ruled our whole lives. I’m super happy about my decision so I’m driving my own bus. It’s a complex business!

In other news we bought a new matress yesterday and had quite an uncomfortable nights sleep! Turns out we have got it on upside down!!! I know!!!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas and that life is peachy.

Love Edie xoxox

Also just adding in…. Christmas is hard for some people. And if you’ve got nowhere to go hit us up, there is always extra places at the table ❤️

Lifeline 13 11 14

Also 1800 RESPECT Australia’s national line, open 24 hours to support people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse.

4 thoughts on “End of year stuff and Public Health and All That…

  1. Edie!! Totally hear you about the ‘hurrah’ nope…that ridiculous plebiscite will have such far-reaching impacts. I see all the YAYS and I just think not really yay at all. I wish you were closer and we could have a gin and tonic on the porch tonight. I used to work in public health (only the environmental bit though) Plus I’d really like to talk more about the gastric sleeve and the age-old line that folk are sold re: eat less calories than you burn off and you’ll be right. Good on you for being proactive about your health and cutting through the marketing bullshite. I’ve been hardcore keto since October and still have all the excitement of a new convert but also all the energy and not as much weight! No sugar, very low carbs and plenty of FAT (going against everything I’ve ever been told pretty much). And egads! – its been a complete game-changer for me. Lastly, congrats to the Pony and well done on whoever figured out the mattress was up the wrong way! LOVES!!

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  2. You know I heard Abetz after the vote saying ‘now they want transgender people to be able to marry’ like that was something we didn’t know we were voting for. WTF??? Hateful man! Good on you for going with the gastric sleeve. Obesity is a complex issue – there’s no single explanation for it or how to best achieve a healthy weight for each individual. Have a great Chrissie!

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