fullsizeoutput_1c68Well I hope my blog is not getting too transarama for you. If so then stroll on by and I’ll try to write something funny where trans people arn’t being murdered and stuff next week. But, this stuff is important and you should read it because you will learn things and think about things. Yup. No apologies from me. *shrug*

Check this post out, the doc just twittered this and I’ve snatched it right off her. OMG there is so much work to be done right? I get my knickers right in a twist over the way trans people are sometimes  often treated by health professionals. It’s like the whole trans broken arm syndrome thing… ‘Oh, that will be the hormones you’re taking (insert any health problem here) , stop taking them’.

Give me a break, this stuff shits me so much.

So anyway, read the above, especially if you’re a health professional. I just want to put some of this stuff on a sticker with the a,b,c,d’s and the ‘always give someone a litre of fluid before the epidural’.

Also, I got a new haircut. The brief was ‘munted dolls haircut’. Mission accomplished 🙂

Big lurve,

Edie xoxox


2 thoughts on “Transarama

  1. You’ve got to speak your truth my friend, keep your posts coming. Not only is your blog funny and uplifting, it focuses on some really important stuff that many of us, who are living in our very privileged unchallenged bubbles, don’t know much about. It’s important. Big love to you and your gang. xx

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