Time For A Fun Fitness Post!


It’s tricky fitting in the fitness around this time of year isn’t it? You’re often in some sort of diabeticish coma from all the peppermint bark. But you can fit some in, and you’re gonna feel heaps better if you do. Yup.

Because I recently had surgery I didn’t do anything except walk for 6 weeks. I skipped a little bit here and there ๐Ÿ˜‰ But walking is great and underated. I’d rather run but I don’t diss walking too much. Something you can do around this time of year is get out for a walk. Early mornings are great (#shouldhavegotupearlier) because it sets you up for the day and gives you a bit of space for your thoughts…. especially if great aunt Edna or someone has come to stay. You’ll be a nicer person for it.

An exercise I really rate, and I think my gym was built on, is squats and burpees. I don’t mind the squats but gawd I hate the burpees. Everyone does. But these 2 will give you legs to die for, no shit, and make you super strong. Lunges too… add them! The good thing is that you can start on doing one a day, then two and so on. It is a nice easy way to add them into your routine after your walk. Burpees arn’t for everyone at first, they can be tricky. My mate Sam used to do half ones on a bench until one day he did unassisted ones. That was the day I nearly cried, Nashy nearly cried, everyone nearly cried. Sam is your big samoan geezer and is still killin it. He had ‘never give up’ imprinted on his brain at birth.

Find the exercise you love. I’ve always loved this girl…


You know I’ve said it a million times… GO SLOW… Just add in one different exercise at a time, master that and add another one later. If you’re a beginner have a day off between exercising, muscles need rest too. You could probs walk everyday though. I do think that this is quite a good time of year to up your exercise goals. I do! There is often time off work and space to make some changes.

911d308852923a83143c4e8c17f1c8e4--winter-illustration-christmas-illustrationYou could think about joining a gym for the new year. Lot’s of people do. The good thing is that you can often get a trial week for free, go along, check it out and if it’s not for you don’t join. Never be forced into it. If you want to join my gym I’ll get you a free week ๐Ÿ˜‰ I favour shed like gyms where nobody has an ego. I like to feel happy turning up in a scruffy tee shirt and not brushing my hair. Some girl in New York once wrote an article about getting 6 months worth of free gym membership by doing trial periods! Onya!

Everytime though, with this stuff, it is consistancy that wins. If you are consistant then you will see results. So many people do 3 months and then stop because life, jobs, kids, menstrual cycle, fill in the blanks. What they don’t realise is the benefits that you get from a consistant regular exercise routine. Mental health, physical health, not puffing up a hill, confidence, accomplishment, glowing skin, happiness, the ability to not murder someone because you’ve been for a run, you get the idea. The effects are far reaching.

But drive your own bus! Do!!


Edie xoxox



2 thoughts on “Time For A Fun Fitness Post!

  1. I need to get back into moving again. I have the dodgiest hip ever and have had three steroid injections into my left hip this year. The last one seems to have improved the situation so I am super keen to get back to exercise. I got out of the habit of regular exercise because it just hurt too much. No better time to start a new habit than the beginning of a new year. Hope you and yours are well, lovely. xx

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  2. It’s really hard when you have pain Collette, poor you. I wonder if there is something that will be a bit easier on the hip. Happy Christmas to your gang and I hope it’s a peaceful. slow and gorgeous affair xxx


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