Houseplants 70’s Stylee


A massive possum the size of a labrador woke me up by jumping on the roof at 3am. This has given me the chance to ponder on my current houseplant obsession. My mother is the houseplant Queen. You might have heard me mention that before. Growing up in the 70’s our house was filled with plants, not in a moderate fashion but in a slightly obsessed fashion. They were placed all around the house, often hanging, a marvellous example being the giant fern above the avocado bath.

We had a sunroom. I think people would call it a conservatory these days but it wasn’t as posh as that. It was more like a big greenhouse built onto the back of the house, nicer than conservatories. It was filled to the brim with houseplants and Mum would make sure that they all multiplied regularly. She is one of those people who can take a clipping from someone’s garden and it will grow into a splendid specimen. I do have a bit of a green thumb but I’m better at kitchen gardens.

The sunroom was a lovely place and my Nan was very keen on sitting in there and rubbing Brylcreem into her legs. She reckoned it helped you get a good tan. My Nan had ace ideas like this but also had a pressure cooker that exploded onto the ceiling. I mean, you followed her ideas at your own risk.

imageHouseplants are very on trend again and I have the current obsession with filling the house with them too. Even the bathroom. Yup. I might as well go all out. I have got four very nice ones so far, two types of fern, some sort of green glossy thing and a big spider plant. I’m not great with names, but I’m very jolly pleased that I seem to have chosen plants that stay alive indoors, with very little research. Hurrah for me. Rest assured I am now accessingΒ said research. Yeah!



619ccec672d63b54aa759112e3756f74Terrariums were massive in the 70’s too and I notice that they have recently made a comeback. They are quite easy to make yourself. YouTube it, it’s how I learn everything, and make one. Or you could pay silly money at the local makers market. I am just shitted because there was a lovely one with a small stag in it at the markets and she wanted $75. I totally had the prune face about that. You can make really lovely succulent ones under a glass cake stand. YouTube it!!! I know! Totes fun activity! Don’t rule out succulents in your life, nahhhhh, google #succulents and you will gasp.


Houseplants will make you happy. They will! They will clear the air and bring the outside inside and you will just be really pleased I reckon. The good thing about them is they are often quite forgiving. If you are the sort of person who forgets to put petrol in the car and wears odd socks and burns your dinner then you might do quite well with a houseplant. Your weeping fig will totes forgive you if you forget to water it. Houseplants don’t need masses of water. Top tip: If the tips of the foliage go brown then they need more water, otherwise once a week and once a fortnight in winter will be enough. Perhaps a bit more in a jam hot Queensland summer.

And don’t forget macrame!!!!!




Edie xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Houseplants 70’s Stylee

  1. Omg !!! Love your blogs sweet chops !!!
    Same deal here in the 70s with my fam – except no bryll cream on legs to tan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thank you for turning my mopey cranky ass around today !!! You and my darling PT have done heaps this morning to make me feel more like me !!!!!! Love you loads xxxxxx

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