Should Have Got Up Earlier

img_5857I know!!! It’s a thing! I know you’re all shaking your heads going riiiight!!! But I’m going to do this, I am! As I’ve said before I always love it when I get up super early and get my workout and run done. It makes me sooooo happy. Everytime I do, I’m here showing off about it like I do this all the time. In reality, you will find me pounding the bike path in the stupid heat at 11am on my run, mumbling “I should have got up earlier”. This needs to change! I’ve gone on about this for at least 2 years. I go on about it when the doc brings me a cup of tea at 7.30am and I’m rolling around the bed with a smacked arse face. She’s already done 8km and is off to work giving me the ‘should have got up earlier look’.

cropped-img_0210.jpgSo anyway I’ve got this plan. The doc joined my gym, and you should too, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute. Because she is an early morning bird, I know full well that she will want to go to the 5.30 am session. She will. This will be non-negotiable and I will have no choice. There will be no words on some mornings. It will be like that time in Edinburgh when we went for a massive run and I could not utter a word until we were on top of that mountain hill. Then I was all like ‘whoooooppppppp’ and she was like ‘right’! I think she bought me a nice coffee on the way back down our street while I raved on and on about how it is so great to get up early and get your workout in. She was like, ‘yes darling’. She is very bloody gracious for sure. We both know it wasn’t my idea but ya know 😉

So, if you want to join me and the doc for some early morning gym sessions – actually you can have anytime you want as there are sessions from 5.30am to 7.30 am (30 min sessions) and if you can’t make them, you can have a one on one personal training session with Steve for no extra cost. I know!!! Innit! No other gym will offer you this. Group sessions are great though for camaraderie. So anyway, if you want to work on some fitness goals and want to get up early, or not, then you can have a free week to try the gym – come to a few sessions, have some chats, do some great workouts, build some relationships with people who actually know your name and give a shit about how you are progressing.

Also, I want to encourage the people who may not think they are very fit, who may be overweight and out of condition. My kind of gym can scare people away because it looks a bit hardcore. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE. They cater for people who are completely unfit to the fittest of the fit. You will fit in and you will be able to do it. Everyone fits in. No egos, no bullshit and a scruffy t-shirt and tights or shorts are fine. No makeup and you don’t have to bother brushing your hair #effyourgymbeautystandards. That’s just me though, I mean, you can brush your hair if you want. If you want somewhere friendly that will give you results then watch this video and hit Steve and Sarah up at High Performance Fitness!

IMG_3113Some people ask why I’m so evangelical about my gym. I mean I’m always banging on about it. I think you fall in love with your first real gym… like not in a weird way or a psycho way… but you do!  When you go somewhere that feels like your other home and there is no judgement and everyone is out to help you it keeps you going. When I first started there I had been running for one year and working out with a personal trainer in another gym. I drove past HPF twice before I went in and I was shitting myself. It was tough initially, I was still pretty heavy and I wasn’t as fit as I thought, but I totally fitted in and I totally got fitter. My journey with fitness and weight loss has been long but rewarding. You’ve got to take responsibility for yourself but if you’ve got a good gym and good people behind you then you are gonna go far. I bang on about my gym because it is the shit. I bang on about it because I know that they are invested in me. I know that they would message me or call me up if I didn’t turn up wanting to know what is wrong with my whole face! There have been some changes over the last year and some great new changes to come so get onboard and join the cult, I mean crew 😉



Edie xoxoxo



2 thoughts on “Should Have Got Up Earlier

  1. It’s all about finding the right spot, the righ5 exe4cise for yourself, isn’t it? I’ve never had weight issues but exercise was never really my thing as a kid – just not th3 sporty, outdoors, love being in a sweat type of gal. But now i’m Pounding th3 pavements every day between 4-8ks and going to yoga every week for the last 18 years. I’ve been with my current teachers for 11 years and they know lots about my life! And my health! Totally invested, yep! And no judgment in their classes either. Enjoy your early mornings!

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    • Yayyyyyyyy that sounds great! I’m a big bikram yoga fan but haven’t been for ages. I should throw in an odd class. It’s totally about finding what you enjoy xxx


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