Those Period Panties….

477521917Hallo Peaches,

This one is going to be all about blood from the vagina, so if you don’t want to hear about that you can pop off and have a cuppa and a crumpet or something instead 🙂

So you remember a couple of weeks ago I was going on about those period panties… the ones that you wear instead of using sanitary products. There are a few brands out there and I was on this mission of finding out what they are all about. I had reservations about who was running these companies? Do they even work? Are they doing any kind of charitable initiatives for women who don’t have access to sanitary protection? I was on one of my usual rants as I wasn’t getting much info from instagram questions. So I e-mailed all the companies and I got answers from one! This one….

Hey Edie,

Thanks so much for reaching out! It’s always a good day when we hear from our THINX community at large. I head up our giveback efforts and am happy to give you some more insight into how we pay forward for impact to menstruators in need. (We’re launching a dedicated giveback page on soon — so stay tuned for that!) And I’m CC’ing Amanda, one of our fab CX teammates, to answer your questions about flow.

Giving back to communities around the globe has been at the heart of our mission since day 1. We don’t see our giveback work as merely CSR, rather, it is core to our business and integrated into everything we do because we believe in advancing the place of women in society. We’re fortunate that our community-at-large is active and engaged in the fight for women’s rights.

Our giveback work falls under two main pillars: education (our Global Girls Club program — see more on that in the next paragraph) and empowerment (our work with mission-aligned nonprofits). THINX supports organizations that empower underserved communities, such as homeless women and refugees, and women in crisis. We pay it forward to these groups throughout the year. For our THINXgiving campaign last year, we contributed over $113,000 to Girls, Inc., an organization that inspires girls to be smart, bold, and strong. We also partner with Safe Horizon, a New York-based victim-assistance organization, to sponsor their #putthenailinit campaign to end domestic violence. To date, we’ve donated nearly 6,000 pairs of period-proof underwear to groups around the globe that provide crucial services for underserved communities.

Last year, in 2017, we launched our first education initiative, the Global Girls Club program. In partnership with schools, afterschool programs, and nonprofit organizations, we equip girls ages 10 to 13 with core knowledge about human rights and reproductive health. Part of THINX’s giveback work is in fully funding this programming. We provide all program materials, facilitator training, and ongoing support at no cost to our girls club partners.    

Please let me know if you have further questions about our giveback work.

Warmest wishes and happiest periods,


Onya Laura! This is a great answer.

There is also a podcast on Freakanomics, called the Taboo Trifecta with the woman who created Thinxs. (Thanks Bela). She is a very successful business woman (hurrah) who also clearly ‘thinx’ about giving back.

So you know sometimes I go on a big old rant, but I always go to the horses mouth too, message up these people and ask them what the deal is. You usually do get an answer. I e-mail people ALL the time about stuff. Sometimes I even make new friends out of it!

Oh… and about the flow thang…

Hi Edie,

I’m more than happy to answer your questions to help you get a better idea on how THINX work!

THINX are designed to be a replacement for panty liners and a very helpful backup to either a tampon or menstrual cup. We have 3 levels of absorbency that range from holding 1/2 regular tampons’ worth of blood to 2 regular tampons’ worth (depending on style.) These can definitely be integrated into the lives of women with heavier flows.

Please keep in mind that every body and every period is so different. One person’s heavy day and another’s heavy day are not going to be the same! So, while some (lucky) people have flows light enough to wear THINX alone, most find that they are most useful as a back up. Ie: some women can bleed freely into their THINX throughout their entire cycle while others use them as a backup on day 1 and day 2 and bleed freely into THINX on days 4, 5, and 6.

It’s important to get to “know your flow,” so we always advise first time users, to test them out at home first where they are most comfortable and see what works for them!

After getting to know how much they are bleeding and how much their THINX can handle, they’re good to go 🙂 

Please let me know if there’s any area I didn’t touch on and if you have additional concerns.



Fair enough Amanda. I mean I am a hard one to convince. I’d be the sort of person that would want to test them on a postnatal women. Overall it’s such a great product idea. environmentally it’s excellent.

Menstrual cups are also useful environmentally so have at look at those. Apparently tricky to get used to initially, then people rave about them. I wonder if I should try those too? I did once sew a whole heap of cloth sanitary pads. Yup. In very attractive colours. They worked really well and I gave the rinsing water to my plants! There is a bit of hippy in me somewhere.


This new film is one to see too. I haven’t seen it but it looks interesting. have you seen it?

So there’s some answers. You’re welcome!


Edie xoxoxo

9 thoughts on “Those Period Panties….

  1. Oh! Good afternoon Edithellouette! Perhaps I’m feeling a smidge pernickety but is THINX marketing to Australia/NZ at all? Because I’m not so taken with the THINXgiving campaign and the New York giveback focus. I might like it more if they gave to the Tampa Bay area. 🙂 Obvs the global giveback could be good but WHERE globally? Also, the word ‘people’ when describing heavy flow…do you think that’s deliberate in order to be inclusive? It initially seemed weird but perhaps now that I think about it the female pronoun may not always be 100% correct when discussing menstruation? As always I defer to your Edithesaurus knowledge and know-how in this red tent arena. Kudos. Kotex.

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    • I bloody love it when you get pernickity though. I have continued writing to them more about cost and some other stuff so Laura may well be shitted with me by now. You have the best questions, maybe I will just send them your comment too 🙂


  2. I had a good look around the Thinx website a while ago – must’ve been a FB ad or Guardian article that gave me the link. I wish they’d been around sooner. The pants are quite spendy, so I Iam left wondering how low the cost per wear will go if I spash out (ha!) on a few pairs at my great age. I feel the same about buying new posh saucepans…

    It’s great how much choice there is now – I was explaining to someone not so many years younger than me about sanitary belts! I think we just swerved those monstrosities but I remember stocking the shelves with them (and looped Dr White’s) as a Saturday girl in Boots. I also remember being gobsmacked at the size of the packs of maternity pads – I needed both hands to put one pack on the shelf!

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  3. You make me laugh, Edie, asking all the questions no one wants to ask but everyone wants to know the answer!!!

    So, I have a pair of Thinx & I kinda love them. I bought them because I was intrigued and because I have unpredictable periods these days and using tampons with little flow is horrid. I’m the person described in the email – v heavy two days (haven’t risked fully trusting pants only) and then more unpredictable after that. It can be virtually nothing and then boom, it’s back (too much information?!). Anyway, for those days as extra protection, I really like them.

    But, the price seems extortionate for what they are, plus the cost of shipping from the US too (although they often have free shipping offers), hence I only have one pair!!

    I like that they do have a giveback scheme but I’m not sure if it’s reaching those that really need it. I wonder what you’d have to do to get onto their programme & how widely it’s publicised. Monetary donations to organisations are always worthy but I reckon a donation of pants to those in dire need would be better and much more immediate. It strikes me that the program actually sounds a bit privileged (??), but maybe that’s just me.

    I did also buy a pair from a different brand (much cheaper) and I must say they’re not great! Same principle but they’re just not as nice – the fabric and cut aren’t as good as thinx.

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    • I agree with EVERYTHING you say! Yes! I’m never backwards in coming forwards about vagina shamoz. So much to think about 😁❤️


  4. So interesting! But like, how many pairs do we need to buy? 5? 7? Are they worth it? Thinx should DEFINITELY give you some to review. I’d be interested to hear from other women who have tried them. Also, I love the new name “Edithesaurus” dubbed by Louise. Classic.

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