Why You Should Exercise As You Get Older….


A lot of people get to a certain age and give up on exercise. They may have never been very sporty or never found something they liked. Life gets in the way and with family, work and other commitments they just don’t bother. It’s really hard right? Especially if you work full-time and have kids and a house to clean and a zillion other things on your plate. I get it. I remember when I was working full time in my 30’s never doing much exercise at all. I went through a period of a good 8 years I reckon of doing bugger all, and I’m a pretty sporty person generally. So it happens, and you know it’s happening, but you’re just too exhausted to do anything about it.

You tend to get away with this for a while when you are young. Sporadic exercise works well when you’re young and you can bring fitness levels back up pretty quick. We all know people who tend to go hell for leather once a year for 12 weeks and then drop off again till the next year. My theory on this is that they do too much. You know I have that slow thang going on. If you hit your life with a massive strict diet and full on exercise schedule you might burn out. I see this over and over again and it makes me really sad that people feel it’s all or nothing. I do understand the all or nothing thing, I do! I have a bit of that going on myself sometimes, but I don’t think it’s the best strategy  for some of these health goals.

I’m a massive believer in changing life up one week at a time….

  • Pack your lunch this week.
  • Eat a decent breakfast with some protein in it this week.
  • Go for a walk after dinner this week.
  • Don’t watch television for one evening this week and do something different instead.
  • Park the car further away from work this week and walk the rest of the way.
  • Get 8 hours sleep a night this week.
  • Ask your family to help with the chores this week, have a meeting and write down everyones jobs and stick it on the fridge. Do this. people can do stuff apart from you in your house. Yup. 
  • Go see your doc if you need to and get up to date with all your shamoz, go see the dentist too and book in for another 6 months. 
  • Plan some good meals, think protein (vegetarian proteins, meat and fish, if you eat them, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and martinis 🙂 There are some great apps (Green Kitchen Stories) and stuff on the internet to look through. You really don’t need processed foods or anything with a bar code on it so knock that stuff out slowly. You also don’t need 10,000 ingredients, but you do need chilli, oh and martinis 🙂
  • Start a couch to 5k programme (it’s on an app!).
  • Join a gym, rock up and have a chat. They should be welcoming you with open arms. If they don’t pay you enough attention then don’t be staying after the first week. Find another one. Try different things, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it before, neither had anyone else till they did it.
  • Try some strength training, a million resources on the internet for bodyweight exercises. You don’t need a heap of weights nahhhhhh. Plus they will shit you, being all over the floor. Body weight exercises are bloody fantastic. If you really want a piece of home gym equipment that is worth it then hire a rowing machine. You can hire really decent equipment and then either buy your own or send it back when it’s not your jam anymore. Rowing machines are the shit for ALL your body. I know this because the boss man at the gym told me. 

Do these kind of things one at a time. Don’t be doing them all at once or you will get shitted and give up. I mean you might not! What do I know! But a lot of people will, and be off to the shop to buy a pie. If you introduce one thing at a time and give it some consistency, before you know it you will be doing a whole heap more than you used to.

Why bother? This is a bloody good question. As you get older you are far more susceptible to all of the lifestyle diseases… think diabetes, cardiac, strokes, back problems, balance problems and all the things ending in ‘itis” This is not a great way to live when you are old. One day you will be old! If you have exercised consistently you are going to have a far better quality of life. I mean you might get copped with some health stuff, it does happen, but you are going to do far better if you are in good shape. Also ‘balance’, so important for old age. I can’t remember the exact stats but once you are over a certain age and fall and fracture your hip, you ain’t coming out of hospital. Its a one way street to the morgue.

It’s also never too late. It’s not!! Even if you have had some health problems or you haven’t exercised and eaten lots of cake for a few years you can still change things up. You can still eat cake too! Maybe once a week, a delicious one you have made yourself! If you choose a Coles chocolate mud cake then we can never be friends! It’s all about balance. You can have a Guzmen and Gomez once a week if that’s your jam. If you are eating a healthy nutritious diet most of the time then you are set for an odd treat. But ya know, take some time to build up to that nutritious and healthy shamoz because if you go from processed food and cake, to mung beans and lettuce straight off, I am going to be yelling…… YOU ARE SO BUYING 3 PIES AND KFC ON SUNDAY!!!! Because you are a beautiful glorious human being who will fuck that up. I know, I’ve been there. Ive made all the mistakes 17 times over. Do it one meal a week, then the next week 2 meals etc. Don’t be being horrible to yourself.

It really takes time to change some habits. it might take you 6 months to say, I now eat breakfast every day, pack my lunch and go for a walk 4 times a week. in another 6 months you might say, I do all those things and also I have joined a gym and do 3 sessions a week and am starting to learn to run.


  • There is no competition. 
  • There is no-one checking up on you.
  • Yes you can slowly make your own changes.
  • Yes you can ignore anyone who has some smart arse advice (including me) and drive your own bus.
  • Yes you can eat your Guzmen and Gomez once a week if you feel you have had a great week and you can flick avocado at any smart arses who say you shouldn’t be eating it. 
  • No you don’t have to look like some instagram model or live up to some impossible bullshit standard.
  • Yes you can just be you, living your best and healthy life, sometimes messing up.
  • Yes you can take time for yourself for some important things and not do the dishes or tell someone else to do them.
  • Yes you can totally drive your own bus.
  •  Yes you can make this a slow consistent journey.
  • Yes you can make the decision to do something differently than you have in the past, even if you have failed before.


Edie xoxoxo


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