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I’m Edie… As in Eeeeeedie not Eddie.

I live in a little wooden house with the Doc, two spunky boys and a spunky girl who lives overseas. There is a black storybook rescue doggie, two elderly parents who live downstairs, three broody chickens and a cat.

I’m from England and came to Australia via NZ. (I catch babies for a dollar and generally direct traffic… I used to do this… I still do a bit but mainly I’m a communications, media and journalism student… I know! Errrrrrmygawd!)

Life is pretty good in my world but there’s been a few struggles to get to that point! Ain’t that the truth for most people!

Part of the journey has been getting to like myself, standing up strong without yelling and swearing. I still do that sometimes. Old habits die hard. Deciding that I’m pretty much the shit without the need to ram a whole cake down my gob! I’m an addictive kinda girl. There’s been some addictions. So I lost some pounds. A fair few. It was quite a long journey, I’m not a 12 week challenge kind of girl.

The journey is awesome so a lot of this blog is that stuff. The long journeys ain’t for everyone I guess but if you want to do the long journey thing, the flux and flow, the fails, the fuck ups and the high and low points then press the follow button!

I hope you’re entertained, inspired or hysterical with laughter 😃

I don’t edit much.

I think you should just be yourself. Unapologetic. It’s just how I roll.

Please leave me a comment on posts if you like because that makes me really happy ❤

Enjoy and drive your own bus ❤️


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