How to learn to run

  • Get your shoes fitted. This is No 1 top tip. When I first started to learn to run I was wearing the wrong shoes for about 8 weeks. Shin splints, knees and Achilles later I went and dropped 200 notes on some fitted ones. All my problems disappeared! If you have a running shop which is run by runners in your town, do yourself a favour and go and visit them.
  • Get yourself on the App Store and download C25K otherwise known as couch to 5 k. This will talk you through getting off your couch and running 5 k. It works. You can play your tunes in the background and the nice woman will talk you through when to walk and when to run. Anyone can do it. Unless you’re in an iron lung! If so speak to your Doc.
  • Get some nice running clothes. You could just wear an old t-shirt and shorts or tights to begin with but it’s always a bit of a boost to get some fancy running clothes. Do that if you want to. For the cheap gear hit Target or K mart and when you are fully committed you can hit the likes of Running Bare, Lululemon, Lorna Jane or 2xu etc. I’m a bit of a 2xu girl but go with whatever’s your flavour.
  • Buy some anti blister socks. It’s like a sock within a sock. A mega sock. You’ll be pleased you did. Also get some Vaseline or Glide. You will chafe!
  • Which leads me onto sports bras! Gahhhhh! You will try a few. Surprisingly Target have some pretty good ones for people with big tits. They’ve helped me out a lot. Your bazookas spin in a figure of eight when you run. Be kind to them. Contain those suckers!
  • Commit yourself to your 3 days a week running. Make a date. Run with a friend. Promise yourself a martini! Do whatever you need to do to complete the programme. If you mess up and miss a couple of sessions get back out there. Then pat yourself on the back for being so awesome.
  • Dont be a whinger. Hardcore yourself up. Running isn’t easy initially. And even later it’s not always easy. Sometimes your legs will feel like concrete. Don’t quit. Manifest your hardcore.
  • Subscribe to some running magazines if you want. These will give you hot tips and inspiration and every time someone goes to the toilet in your house they will think you are a legend!
  • When you start your programme sign up for a 5 k race. You’ll have something to work towards and it will keep you going.
  • Don’t be surprised when you can’t run 5 k at the end of the programme. You will be running like 3.8 or 4.2k in 30 mins. Add on the rest of the distance then. Champion!
  • You will get aches and pains. That’s normal. But if something really hurts STOP. Then go see the physio, Doc, podiatrist or whatever you need to do. Then take the advice. Don’t ignore it!!
  • Get yourself a little running pack for your phone and keys etc. Flip belts are good and armbands and Spi belts. Have a look around because there are heaps and it’s no fun clutching your phone.
  • Think about waterproofing your phone! I’m 2 iPhones down now from getting caught running in the rain! You can get fancy life proof covers or go with a ziplock bag! But think about it.
  • And the last bit of advice is JUST DO IT. We all start off with walk/run. You’ll get there. It’s worth if you are fairly overweight starting a walking programme first. Walking programmes are great. Build yourself up until you are feeling fitter then kick off your couch to 5 k. Don’t run before you can walk n all that! Download some tunes, some podcasts and get yourself out there.
  • Let me know how you go! Do!!! I want to know.
  • Run Happy❤️
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