Health 4

Treadmill Shamoz…

Hallo Peaches, I’m going to write a post about treadmills. I know! I don’t really ever get on a treadmill these days as I graduated to loving running outdoors, but […]

Life 8

Taking Stock…

Making: A baby! Joking! I’m making a cosy gorgeous home, there is Indian music playing, Indian cooking happening, watering of gardens, smoothie making and I’m still in my PJ’s at […]

Health 8

Freebirthing and Midwifery in Australia

Interesting story from the ABC. Have a look at it and then read this. I’ve never really understood why Australia doesn’t offer many home birth services in the public system. They are available through in some states, the last time I checked, but it’s a tiny percentage and it’s not really supported. Clearly not every woman is suitable for a […]