Health 4

Freebirthing and Midwifery in Australia

Interesting story from the ABC. Have a look at it and then read this. I’ve never really understood why Australia doesn’t offer many home birth services in the public system. They are available through in some states, the last time I checked, but it’s a tiny percentage and it’s not really supported. Clearly not every woman is suitable for a […]

Travel 3

Paris Flea Markets

I’ve always loved a good flea market and was lucky enough to find one in Paris recently. I love the slow strolling, the digging through treasures and the stops for […]

Life 8

Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood…..Oh how I adore it! I used to have this fabulous radio drama on audio. I was reminded of it yesterday when a friend told me that her […]

Travel 2

Back to Paris

Paris is at the top of the top of the list of cities I would happily live in. I adore it. Swoon! It’s worth finding a gorgeous Airbnb. You want […]

Life 6

Hey Spunks!

Hallo! Catch up blog! its been a while but I thought it was time for an end of semester catch up. Talking of catch ups, there’s a heap of people […]