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Op shop fun!

  Okay… So the sisters have a thang about op shops. On a holiday the other year there was much talk about the local op shop and Tupperware. I’m talking retro 70s Tupperware. This shop had the largest selection of retro Tuppaware I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the shop was closed that year so we could only stare longingly through the […]

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Off on the annual beach house hols…

So the day has come. #notthehottestdayoftheyear for a change! In fact windy, rainy with the possibility of a cyclone! But this excites us so it’s all good. I’m post night duty so am going up later than the others which gave me time to clean the house and do 3 loads of washing in my OCD fashion. My only fear […]

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The annual beach house holiday…

The time is coming up for the usual January beach house holiday. It will go like this…. Generally hottest day of the year when we leave. Much yelling and cramming in the car of objects that may not be deemed totally necessary. Much comments of ‘it’s sooooo hot today’. Someone will decide they are hungry just as everybody is about […]

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Flux n’ flow

Thought for the day… I’m not always into the whole progress pic stuff… You know ‘Transformation Tuesday’ type shiz. But I do think it can be a great motivator for […]