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Category: Running

Running 6

Fark it’s hot!

So hot stuff eh?! Funnily enough I have a massive urge for a run today. Like totes massive, but I can’t because I will die. We have some unreasonably hot weather at the moment. I think I read that it’s around 11 degrees hotter than usual. The long and short of it is that it’s shit. I don’t really mind […]

Running 2

So I just ran 30km….

You might have read my last blog post about having to run 30km this morning. You can find it Here. I wasn’t very well trained because… life. And I’ve been sick for a few days too so was a bit apprehensive that I might collapse and be carted off in the flashing bus. Oh the shame!!! So anyway I wasn’t sure […]

Running 2

Quinoa and swag wagons….

I’m still in my pyjamas and it is 4.40pm. I know you are congratulating me. Thank you! I have in fact been a little bit sick and had the mother of all headaches today. I had to take myself off to bed again at 10.30 this morning and go back to sleep for 3 hours. I wonder if it is […]

Running 2

Suns out… running into the heat

Queensland suddenly decided to get hot. Like in the space of 24 hours, it was like SHAZAM! I was getting comfortable running through the winter, it’s a bit cooler and you don’t have to get up so early then suddenly 24 hours changes your timetable. I am lazy about getting up at 5 to run. Even if I am awake […]

Running 4

Magpies. They hate us….

So recently I’ve been thinking about magpies. It’s the season for it. They hate us. I wasn’t thinking about it too much before the Doc started telling me about all kinds of nasty injuries from magpies, like gouging out eyes and suchlike. I was like NO!!!! Really? Omg! Those little fuckers can do some damage. I’ve only been swooped once, […]