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Hallo! I know. Its been a while, I’ve been super busy! I thought I’d better jump in with a quick blog post before a Missing Person notice was issued. I […]

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Pre O week. KEENO!

So as most of you know I’ve gone back to Uni full time. I only decided this about 3 months ago and threw myself into the process much like I usually do with blind faith that it would all work out. It always does right? It is, it’s fine but terrifying. There are lots of moments of “Shit”, and then […]

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I am spectacularly happy!

Remember that time I moved to NZ with just a suitcase because I liked the pictures? I just did something similar. I quit my job and got a place back at university full time. I know!!!!! I’m going back to study mass media, communications and journalism. Its a wide course, because y’know, I want a job at the end of […]