Food Prep 101


So, y’know I lost some kilos.

One thing that has helped me a LOT is getting organised and food prep. Most of us are a bit lazy when it comes to this stuff, well I was anyway. My relationship with food has always been a bit hit and miss and I often used to just see what happened, what I had, and I didn’t do any planning at all. This resulted in me standing in front of the fridge at 2 pm in the afternoon after night duty inhaling whatever was in there, like I was at a buffet! It was bad. I dread to think how much I consumed at those times whilst hysterical with hunger.

Sometimes it’s probably okay to inhale the fridge contents. I once opened someone’s fridge in the South of France and being polite didn’t inhale the contents. But if I could have I would have. For sure. Oysters, champagne, hand made chocolate truffles, tarts, scallops, cheeses, vine tomatoes OMG! It’s the best fridge I ever saw but I’d only just met the person and she was putting me up, so I sat there nicely while she chopped me up a tomato and gave me an artichoke.

But most of our fridges don’t look like that! I would say though… If you ever come across one and could get away with it, go for your life!

So organisation seems to be the key. I think we all live very busy lives and it’s tricky to get it together sometimes in terms of what you’re eating on a day to day level. I think it can be easier.

  • First thing to do is to get your containers together. Glass containers with lids are great. You want them to stack in your fridge nicely. There is nothing worse than a gazillion really awkwardly shaped containers clogging up the fridge. Spend the coin and get some good ones. It will be worth it. You don’t have to go all expensive or retro Tupperware. But you can if its your jam! Grocery stores often have sales on containers. Wait for the sales and stock yourself up. Or see if there is a group container deal on any online shopping sites like Amazon. Jars are also super useful, I use them a lot. Oz farmer do job lots of mason jars or you can just wash up your old coffee jars. I did this before I got more fancy.
  • Think about what you want to eat. You don’t have to do this just to help with weight loss. You might just want to be more organised or you might be focussing on better nutrition or how not to kill the kids every morning while getting together packed lunches! You want to think about maybe 3 or 4 days worth of meals. I work shifts so I generally do 3 or 4 days at a time. I know that I will then have a day off to sort my shiz again. Here are some ideas of what I might do for those 3 days…
  • Breakfasts…. Steel cut oats. I know it’s not everyone’s thing, porridge, but it’s really good and can be prepared in advance. I often make more than 3 days worth of this because it lasts so well. Steel cut oats are the best but they take a long time to cook. A good hack is to soak them for a few hours, put water to just above the oats and then shove them in the microwave for blasts of 5 mins. You might do this for 30 mins watching carefully that they don’t boil over. Messy microwave. It’s happened to me often! I actually often do the stove top method because I am suspicious of microwaves. I have a crystal on top of mine, y’know, for the rays! I’m crazy like that. So stove top, just stir and simmer for like over an hour. No shit. Pour yourself a glass of wine, get a stool, listen to a podcast! Or look through this. I love this blog so much. Then store them in the fridge in one of your fab containers, heat up a portion each morning adding a little bit more water. I only cook mine with water and no sweetner or anything. It’s kinda like gruel! I like it. But you could add some brown sugar and poached fruit or berries, and pretend you’re at the Hilton.
  • Zip lock bags are a goodie. You can reuse them hundreds of times. I portion out nuts. I count them. I do. Like 15 almonds. It’s easy to eat too many nuts, especially if they are already shelled. So I count and portion them out into ziplock bags. You can do this in advance or just on the day. It depends how many you can shove in your gob from the jar. I portion. If you don’t care about that then just have a jar.
  • Grains and stuff. I generally cook up a bunch of this kind of thing. A container of quinoa, a container of brown rice, a container of cous cous, stuff like that.
  • Roasted veg. You can do a heap in the oven with a fancy olive oil and some crushed garlic. Shove it into another container.
  • Make a container of salad. You can eat a salad every day right? This is good for lunches. Branch out with your salads. Get fancy. Check out the interwebs for some amazing salad ideas. Or just go your spinach, tomato, cucumber if you’re not bothered. I tend to put wetter salad things together and keep the spinach or leaves seperate. Stack them in there.
  • Make some protein shiz. I don’t eat meat so I might rely on fish or a tofu type dish. Prepare that and shove it in a container. Use some herbs, use some spices. Top tip on things that go together…. Coriander, cumin, mustard seeds, grated ginger, garlic. These things rock together. Use coconut oil and fry some garlic, some grated ginger (maybe a couple of teaspoons full) add half a teaspoon of the others and then add anything else. It will always be good! I promise. If you’ve never used spices try that. It works for soups, for Dahls for meat and anything else. I use more than the half a teaspoons but I’m a spice girl! Work your way up. Before you know it you will be a chilli freak! I also mix chilli flakes and sea salt half and half. I use it on everything! I’m crazy about it! I buy the best salt. Moist kinda sea salt. I’m a salt snob. Himalayan pink salt is good too. Fuck Saxa.
  • Then think about your dinners. I generally make a couple of dishes. I might make a garlicky aubergine and tomato dish. A curry and maybe a soup and a Dahl. Maybe some taxi man cauliflower. I once had to take my car for a service and drop it off at nearly midnight. It was in a really dark industrial area. Murder in the dark! The taxi man who picked me up told me all sorts of Bollywood films to watch and then how to make this….Taxi man Cauliflower. Roast a cauliflower in olive oil. Break it up and shove it in the oven for 25 mins doused in some olive oil. Then heat a little bit of coconut oil, fry some garlic and add maybe a teaspoon of tumeric, add cauliflower and stir then pour on natural yogurt, I use Greek. Simmer very low heat for 5 mins. Add your chilli salt. Do yourself a favour and make this. Also look up tumeric tea recipes. I could drink this all day. Try this one then try others.
  • Have a little section for dressings. Maybe a yogurty coriander garlicky dressing, a basic salad vinaigrette, maybe some hoummous you’ve made. Condiments can make the world of difference to a dish.
  • Boil some eggs and shove them in a container for afternoon tea. Boiled eggs are great. Instant snack.

That’s about it. You’ve got instant lunch and dinner! Scoop and heat. I find this such a good way to eat with some good health and make me happy because I can’t always be arsed to cook dinner.

Of course some days I will cook for 3 hours whilst listening to Indian radio and dancing to Bollywood music and that is ace! I mean you don’t want to be really boring, but on an everyday level you just need some nutrition right?

I guess you have to make it about what is important to you. You might be about loosing some kgs or you might be about some other issue with nutrition or you might just want to make your life more organised and stop yelling at everyone at dinner time!

I think we have so much choice in food these days. I’m always amazed at how some people will make 3 different dinners for their families. Someone doesn’t eat this or someone doesn’t eat that, so they come home from work and start cooking all these different things! I’m like fuck!!!! You could be out running or something!
I think simple works pretty well. But I’m the kinda person who’s happy to eat gruel for breakfast. Drive your own bus! ❤️