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Hallo! I know. Its been a while, I’ve been super busy! I thought I’d better jump in with a quick blog post before a Missing Person notice was issued. I […]

Unilife 12

Pre O week. KEENO!

So as most of you know I’ve gone back to Uni full time. I only decided this about 3 months ago and threw myself into the process much like I usually do with blind faith that it would all work out. It always does right? It is, it’s fine but terrifying. There are lots of moments of “Shit”, and then […]

Running 6

Fark it’s hot!

So hot stuff eh?! Funnily enough I have a massive urge for a run today. Like totes massive, but I can’t because I will die. We have some unreasonably hot weather at the moment. I think I read that it’s around 11 degrees hotter than usual. The long and short of it is that it’s shit. I don’t really mind […]

Midwifery 4

A response to the recent antics of the AMA.

A few months ago the AMA (Australian Medical Association) dealt a low blow to midwives and they have recently rehashed this. Here’s the lowdown…. Recently there have not been so many women booking in with private obstetricians. There are many reasons for this. The gap for a private obstetrician is big. Its not unusual to pay $10000 or more to […]

Life 0

Worth a read…

“You are not just selling books. You are providing sanctuary. You are the stewards of sacred spaces.” via ‘A Place of Refuge and Protection’: Roxane Gay Calls on Booksellers to ‘Rise to the Occasion’ — Longreads

Life 10

Courgette crisis!

I just read an article about the courgette crisis. There has been some bad weather in Spain which is usually the place that British suppliers get their salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes and Aubergines etc from, at this time of year. The article was very much about how much this was going to affect people as the prices will now be so […]

Life 2

I do love a New Year ….

Kinda nice right? It’s like Shazam…I can make some plans and shiz and start with a whole new leaf and what have you. I know some people don’t think like that and have the opinion that it’s just like any other time and you can whole new leaf it any other day of the year. Well yes you can. Get […]

Unilife 24

I am spectacularly happy!

Remember that time I moved to NZ with just a suitcase because I liked the pictures? I just did something similar. I quit my job and got a place back at university full time. I know!!!!! I’m going back to study mass media, communications and journalism. Its a wide course, because y’know, I want a job at the end of […]

Running 2

So I just ran 30km….

You might have read my last blog post about having to run 30km this morning. You can find it Here. I wasn’t very well trained because… life. And I’ve been sick for a few days too so was a bit apprehensive that I might collapse and be carted off in the flashing bus. Oh the shame!!! So anyway I wasn’t sure […]

Running 2

Quinoa and swag wagons….

I’m still in my pyjamas and it is 4.40pm. I know you are congratulating me. Thank you! I have in fact been a little bit sick and had the mother of all headaches today. I had to take myself off to bed again at 10.30 this morning and go back to sleep for 3 hours. I wonder if it is […]

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